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US Open 2011 1st Round Interview

Madison defeated Jill Craybas 6-1 6-4

Q. Talk about your first experience here.
MADISON KEYS: This is my first time in the main draw here, and obviously it was a good first day. It's just been awesome. I'm really excited, and hopefully I have another good match Wednesday.

Q. Did you know Jill at all?
MADISON KEYS: We've kinda known each other just because we're both Americans, but I never played her before.

Q. Did she have anything to say to you, you know, someone who's obviously played a long time to another American before you went on the court, or afterwards did she say anything to you?
MADISON KEYS: After the match she congratulated me on the win and told me good luck for the next round.

Q. Did you know there was a 21 year age difference there?
MADISON KEYS: I was told there was a pretty big age difference, but I wasn't really thinking about it.

Q. Do you think it will be pretty cool if your career lasted until you were 37?
MADISON KEYS: Yeah, I think I'd have a pretty good career if it lasted that long.

Q. Seemed like after a while you were just overpowering her. Did you feel like you could just beat her with the groundstrokes?
MADISON KEYS: I feel like I was trying to really just kind of break her down and really stick to my game, and I thought I did a pretty good job of that after the match.

Q. When was the first time that you ever came here?
MADISON KEYS: Last year.

Q. First time?

Q. Had never been on the grounds before?
MADISON KEYS: No, never.

Q. What's your earliest memory of watching the US Open, as a kid or...
MADISON KEYS: Probably when I was like eight.

Q. Do you recall a match or anything?
MADISON KEYS: Not really, no.

Q. What has your experience been like now being in the main draw as opposed to qualifying rounds and the atmosphere of the US Open?
MADISON KEYS: During the qualifying I lost first round, so there weren't very many people around. I mean, now there's so many people. It's pretty crowded. There's lots of energy. So it's definitely an awesome experience.

Q. Is it psyching you up? Is it overwhelming? What's your experience like or your feelings like being here?
MADISON KEYS: I'm loving it. I mean, I have two younger sisters who are always really loud and everything, so I'm kind of used to noise. So I love it.

Q. I read somewhere your inspiration for getting into tennis was one of Venus Williams' outfits; is that right? Tell us that story.
MADISON KEYS: I was four, and I walked through my parents' bedroom. I think they were watching Wimbledon or something, and I decided I wanted Venus' dress. They told me if I played tennis they'd buy me a tennis dress. I said, All right, I'll try it. I have been playing ever since.

Q. Have you told Venus this story?
MADISON KEYS: I have not, actually.

Q. Do you think maybe you should now?
MADISON KEYS: I think it just kinda shows how important outfits are.

Q. You don't have to be specific, but is your mom older or younger than Jill?


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